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About Our Company

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We are the leader of oily waste water treatment technology .


We are a talented group of excellent Chinese environment protection engineers with environment protection mission and dreams.

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We hope that with our efforts, we could endeavor our modest contribution to the improvement of offshore petroleum exploration capability of our motherland and the image of being a big and responsible country in environment protection! Living on the same earth, we hope to protect the clear water and blue sky of the earth through our arduousness, efforts and hard work!

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Marine Oil Spill Response System of SGOT
The Marine Oil Spill Response System consists of two parts: offshore oil collecting device and oily water separating device on the ship.
The Marine oil spill response device is a sinking type swirling flow field for spilt oil collecting device used on the sea. It adopts the cyclone centrifugal separation gathering principle to collect the spilt oil on the water. By using the propeller on the bottom, there is a swirling funnel of oil suction on the surface of water. The pollutants such as oil will gather to the center of the funnel and suctioned to the ship by the output pump through the swirling oil suction in the center of the funnel. It is an innovative technology which is different from traditional contact types or adhesion types of oil collection. It also greatly improved oil collecting speed and provided a good solution to oil spill emergency technology, which is innovative and practical.

  • Marine Oil Spill Response System of SGOT
  • Double-cyclone Oil Separator
  • High-speed Sedimentation Machine
  • Precision Filter
  • Combined Agent-adding Device
  • Centrifugal Dehydrator
  • SGOT Oily Wastewater Treatment Process Plan
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